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Book your "Extended Wachau Cruise" with the NÖ-Card!



Cruises with the NÖ-Card are possible between 14.-27.04.2018 and 08.-28.10.2018!

NEW: You can also use your NÖ Card on: 31.03., 01., 02., 07. + 08.04.2018!

Reservations can be done online only - the booking form will be available by January 2018!


Please do not make multiple reservations,
otherwise all your made reservations will be invalid!


The effected reservation is an obliging Reservation!
In case of nonappearance 100% of cancelation costs
of the regular fare (29.50 €) will be charged.


Long Wachau Cruise
there & back

from Krems 10:10 to Melk 13:00
from Melk 13:45 to Krems 15:30
NÖ-Card owner
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