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Danube stations

For our charter and theme cruises we use alternative Danube stations to avoid the crowds for the liner cruises. Please find information about the most important stations here:

Melk, Danube station No. 8 (Charters) / Melk, Danube station No. 9 (Theme cruises)

The Danube stations No. 9, 8, 31, 7 and 35 are safely and comfortably accessible by foot from the Bundesstraße or from the city centre across the lift bridge.


This bidge is exclusively used by pedestrians and cyclists. Busses, cars and delivery services to the Danube stations No. 9, 8, 31, 7 and 35 are beaing routed via a surrogate bridge particularly built for this purpose across the cut-off meander.The access road is situated where the Wachau liner cruises start from the Danube stations No. 10 and No. 11.

Krems, Danube station No. 33, No. 23, No. 24

The Danube station is situated directly before the historical Old Town of Stein.


With its new Shipping & World Heritage Centre, Krems has an additional attraction since June 2011. If you walk through the spectacular Gate to the Wachau you will also find a tourist service point for the region next to the offices of the liner cruises companies.

Vienna-Nußdorf, Danube station No. 29

Known as a "Wine tavern region" Nußdorf constitutes an oasis of tranquility for the pulsating city of Vienna.


Numerous luxury wine taverns, which can be reached by foot from the Danube station, have also settled in Nußdorf. With the "Vienna Heurigen Express", a slow, road-based sightseeing train, you travel from one wine tavern to the next, passing scenic wine-growing towns, the romantic Vienna Woods as well as elegant mansions.