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Gift vouchers

Presents are a very sophisticated form of giving. A gift provides information about the giver, about his involvement and closeness to the recipient.
A voucher for a Cruise with BRANDNER, is always an extraordinary, personal and sensual idea.
Genuine, with great attention to detail

A gift for spending time together on the ship of joie de vivre.
Being together in lightness and joy – with all senses.

Corinna Nürnberger
Tel: +43 (0)7433 2590-21

Frequently asked

The purchased voucher is valid for the entire season in which it was purchased. The validity is also noted on your voucher.

Yes, if necessary with surcharge (if changes in price or service occure).

No, the voucher can be redeemed throughout the season in which it was purchased (subject to availability of seats). We recommend a reservation in advance.

If you have a voucher, which do not include a gastronomic service, you can go directly on board.

Vouchers for Combined Tickets will be exchanged for valid tickets at the BRANDNER ticket office.

We will take over the value of your existing voucher for all other BRANDNER Schifffahrt offers. If necessary, an additional charge must be paid.