Time for apricots - NEW!
  • Time for apricots - NEW!

    Time for apricots - NEW!

    Enjoy selected delicacies from the famous apricots of the Wachau Valley aboard MS Austria!

Time for apricots

22. May - 03. October 2021

What would the Wachau be without its world famous apricots?


The most delightful place to enjoy the numerous culinary delights of the region is our MS Austria.


During the Wachau Cruise through the Cultural World Heritage Site we treat you with three sweet delicacies derived from the apricot in combination with a cup of coffee.


TIP: Visit our new restaurant Die Flößerei BRANDNER in Rossatz"

  • 22. May - 03. October 2021
  • Abfahrt Krems


    Ankunft Spitz


    Abfahrt Spitz


    Ankunft Krems


  • Short Wachau Cruise in the afternoon from/to Krems: 15:40–17:55 h

  • € 38,00 per person
  • Package includes:

    • Short Wachau Cruise from/to Krems: 15:40–17:55 h
    • 3 different dishes from the apricot
    • 1 cup of coffee

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Die Flößerei BRANDNER

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