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Book your "Extended Wachau Cruise" with the NÖ-Card!



Cruises with the NÖ-Card are possible between 13.-26.04.2019 and 07.-27.10.2019!



Important Information:
Please note that newly purchased NÖ-Cards have to be activated BEFORE usage. or info hotline 01/535 05 05


Please do not make multiple reservations,
otherwise all your made reservations will be invalid!


The effected reservation is an obliging Reservation!
In case of nonappearance 100% of cancelation costs
of the regular fare (30.50 €) will be charged.


Long Wachau Cruise
there & back

from Krems 10:05 to Melk 13:00
from Melk 13:45 to Krems 15:25
NÖ-Card owner
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