Wachau Solstice Cruise

Saturday, 23. June 2018

Experience a unique cruise along illuminated sights, solstice fires and impressive fireworks of the Wachau. Live music aboard the ship rounds off the unforgettable experience.


On the sundeck we welcome you with a glass of Frizzante from the own winery BRANDNER in Rossatz and delicious finger food. After passing the famous blue tower of Dürnstein we treat you with an exquisite starter.variation, a delicious soup and a fantastic main course.


At around 9:50 pm the solstice fires are kindled and the fireworks begin. While you can observe this spectacular fire show, you can enjoy great delicacies from the dessert buffet.


Tini Kainrath & Band refines your Cruise with the MS Austria with their multi-faceted music program and provide an evening full of musical highlights and soulful power. On board the ms austria princess the dance band RKmusic accompanies you through this special evening.

  • Saturday, 23. June 2018
  • Cruise Krems - Spitz - Krems

    Boarding: 18.30 pm - Danube station 24 in Krems
    Departure: 19.30 pm (seats are reserved for you)
    Return: 11.30 pm

  • Please let us know, which of the two ships you prefere for your reservation!

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