for late-risers 10.05

Wachau Breakfast Cruise

13. April - 27. October 2019

Coupled with the first sunrays is the awakening of the Wachau.


Experience how an early Cruise through the World Heritage Site Wachau combined with a delicious breakfast on Bord the MS Austria serves as the perfect start into the day.


TIP: Visit our new restaurant Die Flößerei BRANDNER in Rossatz"

  • 13. April - 27. October 2019
  • departure Krems


    arrival Melk


    departure Melk


    arrival Krems


  • Wachau.Breakfast.Cruise
    10:05 a.m. from Krems to Melk and back to Krems

  • € 44,00 per person
  • Package includes:

    • Cruise with BRANDNER Schiffahrt from Krems to Melk and back (departure 10:05 a.m.)
    • Exquisite breakfast on board

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MS Austria

Wachau Route

Wachau Route

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